Thursday, March 17, 2016

Reincarnation Man #1 Review

Reincarnation Man #1 from Graphic India -

    Young Raman Lamba is stuck in a rut. Day in and day out, everything is the same: breaking his back at the Maharaja Burger in City Centre Mall, and back home to get up to take on the job he hates once again. He's resigned himself to a life lacking greatness, a life he never expected when he graduated top of his class in high school. However, it's all about to change for Raman. When a group of armed kidnappers assails a pretty young woman in the mall, Raman leaps to her aid, and in the process, he pays the ultimate price. However, death cannot hold a soul as pure as Raman's. In the after-life he meets a mysterious figure that reveals to him the greatness of his past lives...And his future duty as the wielder of the Kaal-Chakra, a mystical device of great power to aid him in his duty as an agent of Order against the forces of Chaos. Witness the birth of a new hero! Witness the coming of...Reincarnation Man!

    This book is the bees knees! It's a superhero origin story done all in just the perfect tone and pitch: you have a likable, relatable protagonist, a fresh, interesting mythology, a tightly written story, and a terrifying villain - the best of that classic superhero fare that I love! Arjun Raj Gaind has created a comic book that will keep me coming back for more, and Edison George's pencils really make this book gorgeous to look at - big, expressive eyes and faces, lots of action, and beautifully rendered mystical scenes drive the reader forward page after page. This is how comics should be done. Sure, this book might seem a bit derivative to attentive fans of comics; it shares some similarities with forgotten (but awesome) comics characters, like Kid Eternity, Immortal Man, and Resurrection Man (all owned by DC Comics, and all characters that I love dearly); however, Gaind's Reincarnation Man has a life and mythology all his own, and I surely dig it 1000%. 

    Kudos to Graphic India!

RATING: 10 out of 10. Reincarnation Man will surely add "new life" to my pull list!


  1. That sounds pretty interesting.

  2. I was shocked at the excellence of this comic.

    Honestly, I bought it because the cover struck me, and the name reminded me of my beloved Resurrection Man, which is one of the few complete series that I own. Imagine my surprise when it ended up on my pull list. LOL! It blew me away. Loved it, Robbie.

  3. It does sound good. I remember DC's Resurrection Man.