Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tokyo Ghost: The Atomic Garden TPB Review

Tokyo Ghost: The Atomic Garden TPB

I said this before! If you didn't get on this band wagon...well what the hell are you doin' Lol.
Image has a master piece on their hands, A classic indeed. Has aspects of "Ghost in the Shell", "Grendel: War Child", "Transmetropolitan", "Samurai Jack" & "Akira" it's all in the bike :)

Reprints issue 1-5, Has some way cool extra's including some proposed headings of the book, Sketches on character development & all the covers including variants.
This is the book of the moment from any publisher...Well done Image!

...Your still here, Leave...get this book!

Rating 10/10


  1. Thanks, Gil!!

    I've shared it to the FB page!!

    1. Awesome Tex!
      Have you been reading this yet?

    2. The TPB is on order,

      Should be with my next monthly pick-ups!

    3. Awesome Tex! You will like :)
      It's starts back up in a few months, Ongoing now (i think).
      Get that Issue #1 variant while it's cheap.

  2. Just finished it, Gil!!

    IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME! Thanks for recommending it!