Saturday, March 26, 2016

Tinker #1 Review

Tinker #1 from Overground Comics -

    Amy Park is a girl genius who lives in a city guarded by superheroes. Summit City is protected by Captain Zero and the Cavaliers, superheroes funded and headed by Zero Technologies. Ever since Amy's life was saved by a hero named Rocket back in high school, Amy has dedicated her life to reverse engineering Zero Technologies' hero tech so that she can be a hero as well. The problem is that Amy Park's experiments usually end up being total wash-outs, or worse, a bit dangerous. Now, it looks like that all might be over. Amy's latest tech, though glitchy, just might be the discovery she's been looking for; however, she may not get to enjoy her triumph. Someone wants her tech...Tech so revolutionary that it may just spell curtains for Zero Technologies.

    Jon Hughes writes this fun, zany romp of a teen superhero comic. Amy is a young, absent-minded, socially awkward nutty little professor. She is a complete train-wreck of a person with a good heart, and totally good intentions. Rachel Uildriks' art really shines, giving this book a cartoony, comedic look that just totally nails it for tone of the comic. While Tinker may not be my cup of tea, it most definitely is my daughter's - she LOVES IT. Tinker is a breath of fresh air, in an era where, when it comes to young women, "super" is synonymous with sex-appeal and very little clothing. It makes me happy to a company that makes true all ages comics. Very classy, Overground! Welcome to my daughter's pull list.

RATING: 8 out of 10!

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