Friday, January 8, 2016

Absent Captain #1 Review

Absent Captain #1 from Overground Comics -

   The world's leading scientist, Jonathan Argos, dead. His wireless battery systems and nanotech have helped mankind immeasurably, and made possible the creation of the world's first superhero team, The Cavaliers, - brave men and women powered by Argos' tech enhancements. The greatest of these is the leader of the team, Captain Zero. Scrambling to their secret headquarters, the Cavaliers race to answer Captain Zero's unexpected summons. What they find is a message from their beloved leader that will nearly shatter the team, change their lives, and shock the entire world...If they let the secret slip. Even the police, their most trusted allies must be kept in the dark on this case. Tonight the heroes must solve their greatest, most heart-breaking mystery: Who murdered Captain Zero?

   Overground Comics is a brand-new comics company looking to shake things up, and make comics fresh again - all in real time. They have promised that all characters are indeed finite, so the reader will get to enjoy and endless smorgasbord of great stories and great characters. I dig that.

   Jon Hughes pens this pretty captivating first issue of Absent Captain #1. It is an fascinating superhero mystery populated by characters that become more interesting page after page. What at first seems like a simple, formulaic whodunit, soon reveals itself to be a pretty complex human tale of secrets, lies, strained relationships, and now, murder. I definitely would love more of this book. Keep an eye on Overground Comics.

  RATING: 8 out of 10. Secrets, mystery, and high drama abound in Absent Captain.


  1. Good to see a new Comic Company start up. We need more of then.

  2. Absolutely.

    You can read their first issue free on their website:


  3. Loves this series so far! Not a big super hero fan, other than invincible, but this I found captivating. Getting in on the ground floor and not having to worry about thousands of previous issues to worry about is nice. There is no history here to learn. I agree that overground comics is one to keep an eye on.

    1. Hello!

      Thanks for visiting! I love the series too! Getting in on the ground floor of an exciting new comic universe is AMAZING! Finite characters? Dead is Dead? Wow. That is brave. I will love watching this unfold!