Monday, January 25, 2016

Starbrand and Nightmask #1 Review

Starbrand and Nightmask #1 from Marvel Comics -

    Kevin Connor was a college student when the power of the Star Brand exploded inside him, giving him near god-like powers at the cost of the lives of everyone in the college that day. Nightmask (Adam; Adam Blackveil) was built by Ex Nihlo to be the perfect man, but the White Event made him something far more than human: he is a being gifted with the power to navigate the dreamscape of human potential. Both resurrected by the birth (rebirth?) of the "All-New, All-Different" Marvel Universe, Nightmask seeks to reignite Starbrand's connection with humanity by enrolling them both in Empire State University. Given pause by his last experience at university, Kevin is totally against it...Until some gentle persuasion from Adam (and his hottie R.A.), help him see the light. However, when two of the Avengers' most wanted show up to throw down, Kevin and Adam are caught with their pants down, putting everyone at Empire U in terrible danger. It looks like it's cram-time for our teenage heroes - this is one killer exam that these dudes can't afford to flunk.

   Greg Weisman writes this super-fun, kooky adventure full of chuckles, good vibes, teen-angst and Marvel-style snark. The relationship between Starbrand and Nightmask is baked to teen-buddy perfection; these dudes were made to be a team. Kevin is probably in his late teens, and outside of his identity as Starbrand, he is totally lost, while Adam, at just about three years old has got it all together, discovering his own identity, all while looking out for Kevin. These guys shine on the page - Weisman has made a buddy comic that is the best I've read of its type in a very long time. Domo Stanton's art is kinetic and cartoony - it is absolutely perfect for the tone of this book and totally ramps up the fun to the red line. As a fan of the New Universe, I can't say that I don't miss the old versions of these guys, but I sure as heck don't hate the new versions...Now, can we get some D.P. 7 please, Marvel? Huh?!

   RATING: 9 out 10. I just have to hang out with these dudes.

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  1. New Universe guys are back? I didn't see that one coming.
    They should team up with some ultraverse guys. heh...

    1. LOL!

      Hey, Robbie. Just a couple of the New U guys have returned, Starbrand and Nightmask, and they aren't the same characters as before. Ken Connell's Starbrand has given way to Kevin Connor, and Kieth Remsen's Nightmask has given way to Adam Blackveil.

      It was a fun comic that I'd love to continue - they even gave a nod to Robert Heinlein, if you can "grok" it. ;)

      Funny you should mention the Ultraverse. I read an article about why we haven't seen its return just a few months back:

  2. Reusing the names is more New Universe than I ever expected. :)

    My collection is too big of a mess to support buying current series. Maybe after I get done re-org'ing.

    1. I hear ya.

      I have to watch mine too (although it is nowhere as big as yours), or MRS. TEX will turn green, and brother, I ain't talking about envy!

  3. Sounds interesting, might have toncheck it out.

    1. If you do,

      Let me know what you think. :)