Thursday, January 7, 2016

Carnage #3

Again this is a fantastic title, Man-Wolf & Eddie Brock (Toxin) whom we haven't seen yet up against Carnage.
After the the pair fight/duke it out, Carnage rips the transforming Jem from Man-Wolf chest. He then falls down into a deeper cavern. Carnage is shot at by soldiers which force him to follow.
Carnage is surprised to find a man who shows him a large ancient door who say's "welcome to your destiny".

Dark artwork that has nice clean outlines, You see people interacting in realistic ways, Their's no staleness at all in the writing. A very fluid & gripping read.

Rating 9/10


  1. I can't wait for this TPB.

    The more you talk about this, the more I want to read it. There are never any at my lcs - maybe because they sell out.

  2. I'm totally surprised by it all, Marvel has a hit on their hands...Carnage of all things!
    He'll explode when he appears in the movies in the future.

  3. Thats a sweet cover, ill have to pick this series up now.