Thursday, January 28, 2016

Devolution #1(Dynamite)

If your offended by Religion, Apes, Dead beats, Dinosaurs or an awesome female protagonist...Then turn back.
This was a great read, Oh man! it was brilliant, I had no idea what to expect.

Not to give to much away, Think I Am Legend & make it cool Lol.
After many wars over religions views throughout the world it was decided to do something about it. They came up with a serum that will devolve the part of the brain that believes in A God.

Oh! boy, It did that & much much more, After it became air born & mutated to devolve everything (yes insects & animals as well) but a small percentage of humans...Who coincidentally are more savage then most prehistorical bad arse creatures.

Great artwork & story, Loved it, Want more please.

Rating: 10/10

PS: sorry not for kids, Has F's & C's floating everywhere & nudity. Oh! did i say that it starts like a Conan book & ends in Outer-Space Hmm.


  1. Great review, Gil!!

    I will see if I can pick one up from my LCS this week!

    I hate Jae Lee's art, though - but I won't let that stop me. :)

  2. Love the artwork in this book, Some of the best i've seen.
    The cover is by Jae Lee, Pencils is by Jonathan Wayshak. You must get this book Tex, You will like :)