Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Romancer #1 Review

New Romancer #1 from the Vertigo Imprint of DC Comics -

    Alexia Ryan is a code-writing genius, and a hopeless romantic. After her career tanks before it even begins at a Incubator, Inc. (the Apple of this universe), Lexy goes to work for the only company that will even touch her with a ten-foot pole: New Romancer. New Romancer is a company looking to re-invent itself; its seeks to create a dating site for hopeless, love-craving romantics, like Lexi, to connect. What the owner doesn't know is that Lexi has stolen a cutting edge A.I. from Incubator to incorporate into the site. Inside this A.I. are the personalities of some of the world's greatest lovers, like Lord Byron and Casanova - people who can give modern romantics the advice they need to tighten up their romance games. But when Lexi tries to connect to the Incubator mainframe to activate her A.I., a solar flare does more than she ever dreamed: it creates living, breathing duplicates of her favorite poets and romancers from all across time and space...And for some of them, love and murder are closely related in the art of romance.

    Peter Milligan writes this nutty take on Weird Science for the New Millennium. While it does have quite a few chuckle moments, the story is a bit disjointed, vague in exposition, slow and devoid of any characters that were able to catch my attention for any reasonable amount of time. Brett Parson's cartoony, fun art was definitely the high point of this book. However, based on the very last page, I'd say that New Romancer has potential to get really interesting. I don't mean to be overly critical - I have to admit that this book is not my cup of tea by any stretch of the imagination. 

  FUN FACT: Don Juan's character has morphed considerably over time. Don Juan was originally a pretty horrible character. Look up Tirso de Molina's El Burlador de Sevilla written in 17th Century Spain. D.J. was a real s.o.b. - you won't believe it.

   RATING: 5 out of 10. 


  1. You saved me again Tex! I was going to get that title.
    Nice review.

  2. I appreciate the work the writer and artist put into this - I have never published a comic; however, I could hardly finish this book. Then on the last two pages, it got REALLY interesting. I almost bought #2 just to see, but I didn't want to make the same mistake twice.