Sunday, January 31, 2016


Greeting Earthlings!!!

    How is your year weekend going so far? We made it through another week.

    To quote Dora the Explorer: We did it! We did it! We did it! YEAH! ¡Lo hicimos! :D

    To be honest, TEX has been sifting through a few ideas, and options. In the realm of education, if you're a teacher that's worth his or her salt, you just wanna do your job: teaching kids, and helping to form better citizens who can think for themselves, and keep this country going long after you've started your dirt nap. Heck, there is more to the job than teaching anyway: you feed kids who are hungry, intellectually, and sometimes physically. You teach good manners, fair play, a good work ethic, honor, and sometimes you have to protect them from themselves, or others. I love my job, probably more than anything that I've ever done - but politics always has to rear its ugly head. And wherever money is involved, there will be be greedy people willing to put a dollar over the general welfare of the people.

   I am a hopeful guy, I've trained myself to be, and I've trained myself to work towards my hopes - with belief, and elbow grease, anything is possible.

   So, in light of the education I've gotten about the inner workings in the last few months, I've been dwelling more on the constant battles that humans have to fight to basically do the right thing. This is a battle that has probably been fought since the dawn of man - do we stand and fight for what's right, or lay down and roll over for personal gain?

   No one embodies the struggle between the light and the dark better than this character:

    It's my copy of House of Secrets #61, published in 1963. This comic features the 1st appearance of Mona Bennett, the Black Diamond (The Heart of Darkness), Dr. Bruce Gordon and his villainous alter-ego...ECLIPSO!!!

    Bruce Gordon was on Diablo Island to photograph a solar eclipse when he was attacked by an evil witch doctor who wounded him his tribe's sacred black stone, a stone which tuned out to be the Black Diamond/Heart of Darkness. After being wounded by the stone, Dr. Gordon found himself in possession of it just in time for the solar eclipse, and so became possessed by Eclipso, an evil entity who used Dr. Gordon to perform his wickedness upon the face of the Earth. Yep. This is a real Jekyll and Hyde story.

    Many changes came to be made to Eclipso over the years. The Black Diamond was revealed to have originated on the cursed planet, Apaokolips; it was used to destroy Darkseid's enemies. Thousands of years later, it was somehow mystically linked to the Eclipso, and soon found it's way to Earth. Eclipso himself became God's Spirit of Wrath, Galid, who was defeated and put aside by The Spirit of Vengeance, The Spectre, and sealed in the Heart of Darkness which was buried on Apokolips. Now, in the New 52, Eclipso is the murderous Lord Kaala of Gemworld, scion of Houses Onyx and Diamond.

FUN FACT #1: Eclipso has possessed several heroes and others to do his dirty work, including Jean Loring, Ray Palmer's (Silver Age Atom) insane, homicidal ex-wife.

FUN FACT #2: Dr. Bruce Gordon's name is a mash-up of Bruce Wayne's and Commissioner Gordon's names. Apparently Bob Haney thought it was a rib-tickler.

FUN FACT #3: These have slowly crept up in value and scarcity. Check the asking prices.

Thanks for letting me vent.

You guys rock. So, rock on. :)

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