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Superman Earth One Vol III Review

Superman: Earth One Vol 3 from DC Comics -

    Clark Kent has settled into life in Metropolis. He's won a bit of notoriety for being the first reporter to interview Superman which has gotten him just enough pay to snag a dump of an apartment in a questionable part of town. Though mostly still a loner, Clark's even got a best friend: his next door neighbor, Lisa, who just happens to be an escort and aspiring actress. Things aren't exactly looking up, but they are looking a but more stable. Or so it seems. What Clark doesn't know is that, fueled by jealousy for scooping the Superman story, Lois Lane is investigating him, Lisa is in love with him, the U.N. is scared of him, and the greatest threat he's ever faced has just landed on Earth...And this threat both shares, and thirsts for, Clark's blood! 

    J. Michael Straczynski delves deeply into the Superman mythos in this high-octane, high drama installment of Superman: Earth One. It honestly seems like J. M.S. may be the greatest Superman writer in the last ten years, penning the heartfelt Grounded Superman arc (Superman vol 1, 701 - 714), and the preceding volumes of Superman: Earth One. J.M.S. captures the perfect tone for his SEO books, creating a Superman that is a perfect mix of the Silver and Modern Ages: J.M.S.' Superman is morally and ethically above reproach, while allowing for others to live their lives as they see fit without him imposing his judgement upon them. J.M.S.' Superman simply leads by example and marches to the beat of his own drum, trusting that, in time, others will follow...Or not. Love, not hate, respect, not judgement, protection, not retaliation - these are the themes that J.M.S. spins expertly into his Superman: Earth One stories. This is why Straczysnki's Superman is my favorite Superman.

    Straczynski has also made some very wild, very cool changes to the Superman mythology.  Superman's love interest, Lois Lane's place in his life, the causes of the destruction of Krypton, the fate of Lex Luthor, and even the bloodline of one of Superman's greatest enemies has been changed. And it is all magnificent. To be honest, Straczynski's Superman is the Superman that should be on the big screen - Strac is not the writer DC's Superman films want, but he's absolutely the one that they need. Adrian Syaf does a pretty stellar job on the artwork here - expressive faces and eyes are very much his cup of tea; he's a bit sketchy and less refined on the action sequences, but overall, the art is just great. I did miss Shane Davis' art though. Hopefully, he'll be back for volume 4.

  RATING: 10 out of 10. J.M.S.' Superman: Earth One never disappoints. 


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