Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Keep on Slabbin'


So I recently started submitting my own books to CGC, about time too, took me a while to jump on board. I feel like I have discovered a new dimension to this hobby, it has made it a bit more exciting, to me at least. When I first started collecting I hated slabbed books, my only reason for that was because I couldn't read them, so I thought it was "dumb". Jump a few years to the future, and we now have digital comics available at our finger tips. So i asked myself, "what the best way to keep my comics protected, the best way to display them, and the best way to hold them without having to worry about finger prints and other handling damages?". I got A LOT more picky with the books I bought, which can be annoying at times. New comics have to be in 9.6/9.8 range or I won't buy them. Older comics, 1990-2000, I'll settle for VF/NM bronze age in VF range, silver age in F/VF...so on and so on. Unless of course is a mega silver key in which case I would settle for a VG copy. Of course I still have reader copies of older books here and there, and they smell goooood! Keep on slabbin' will focus on my graded books. I plan to get a lot graded in 2016 so there should be a lot of slabbin' moving forward. So lets get started with some modern books I've been sending off to CGC for now.

Adam Hughes SS Slabs [AH!]

Some Adam Hughes cover. This guy has jumped at the top of my favorite artists list. Like his style. The barb wire variant is the "ultra star wars exchange variant" only two on 9.8 SS on census!!

JTHM #1 CGC 9.6 SS [Signed by Vasquez]

Talk about a true hard to find book! I've been looking for a good copy of this one since 2014!! I saw this one pop up for sale and pulled the trigger on it right away.I bought this one slabbed, but I am very happy and proud to have this one in my personal collection. I rarely see this one pop up on Ebay and when they do they are usually in VF range. 

Infinite Crisis: Fight For The Multiverse #1 [1:25 Variant]

I'll be honest, I bought this one from a comic collector in Texas, online purchase, and always wondered if it was our very own Tex! This was purchased when the boards where offline so I was always curious, until I asked the seller if he was from CPG and he said no :-( 
This book had been gaining traction and is selling for a pretty penny these days, I think with the suicide squad movie getting closer and closer people may start to find out about this Harley Quinn variant. I got two copies of these now, both are blue label 9.8s! This one had some soda droplets or something so I am surprised it came back 9.8, it was pressed and cleaned, but I was still worried. Guess pressing and cleaning can be a good thing.

I'll end it here, I got a NICE book for ya'll next time. It came in last week and it is currently my favorite book in my collection, ya'll know I'm a huge Harley fan so you can bet it is a Harley Quinn book, but which one?????? Stay tuned!

Santos out!


  1. Too right about that JTHM #1...Not easy to find & you have a copy that's a slabbed 9.6.
    Nice work BC.

  2. A hobby has to be something you love.

    Too many "collectors" out there trying to tell others how to collect, or put down what they like to spend their money on. I say DO WHAT YOU WANT.

    I love the look of those slabs. I've been after a JTHM #1 in great condition myself for a while, I surely dig that beautiriferous thing.

    Nope, that seller wasn't me. Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse in a new one on me. Never seen that before. Harley Quinn is doing it big now-a-days. I have don't have anything with her in it except Suicide Squad #1 (vol 4), and New Suicide Squad #1. Both excellent volumes of Suicide Squad.

    Keep on slabbing' BC!! Keep 'em coming!

  3. Thanks guys.
    Speaking of JTHM, i saw on the current preview that they will be re-releasing JTHM comics, no idea on which print it is now, but if you guys haven't read them they should be out in march for 3.99 a piece! Thinks there 6 or 7 total, might get them myself.

    1. Good to know BC. I also noticed that they just released MAX: Punisher on TPB Vol.1 (can't afford it this time around) I never read it, But it just went to the top of my grab list :)