Saturday, January 30, 2016

Squadron Supreme #1 Review

Squadron Supreme #1 from Marvel Comics -

    Although the players come from different universes - dead universes - the Squadron Supreme is back together again, for the first time. There is the deadly, brilliant Nighthawk of Earth 31916; the vengeful Doctor Spectrum of Earth 4290001; the powerful, godlike Hyperion of Earth 30134; Blur, DP 7's ebony speedster from Earth 148611 (The New Universe); and the Power Princess of Earth 712 (original Squadron Supreme), the most elite and deadly of super-powered warriors on her planet. These men and women have been revived in this universe and united by one cause: to never lose this planet as they lost their own planets. To this end, they have vowed to do whatever it takes to protect the  Earth from threats, foreign and domestic...And they are beginning with a powerful, pointy-eared, wing-footed king whose underwater army has attacked the surface-dwellers of Earth on more than one occasion.

   The Squadron Supreme takes NO prisoners.

    James Robinson writes this action-packed, merciless and brutal iteration of the Squadron Supreme. These guys are no holds barred, no holding back, and never say die. Each of them is reeling from the loss of their own worlds, and each of them wants vengeance on the man they hold responsible: King Namor, and with him, all of Atlantis. Penciller, Leonard Kirk pulls out all the stops - this book is gorgeous. Panels are packed with blazing battle. I'm interested to see how this Justice League with the Punisher's mentality will fit into a world populated by heroes of a less lethal nature, like the Avengers (there are several teams that call themselves that right now). Are they heroes? Are they a threat? Is there anyone powerful enough to take them down? Although, I won't add this to my monthly pull list, I will buy the TPBs.

RATING: 8 out of 10.  The ending of issue #1 is a heart-stopper. This is gong to be interesting to watch.


  1. That's one hell of a team, It might be a tpb for me.
    So many good books coming out, So hard to get them all :(
    Nice review Tex!

  2. Thanks, brother!

    It was very enjoyable, but it was just a bit too dark for me as a superhero comic on a constant basis. I can't explain it. The Punisher I can do, but these guys, with their powers, they are going to be trouble - and I don't really like them all that much. I want to see what happens, so I'll get the TPB. I will say that something happens in this book that I did not see coming in a million years - it was brutal and over the top. I had to pause for a second, gawk at the page...I was like NO. FREAKIN. WAY!!