Tuesday, January 5, 2016

G'day Tex!
The CPG Forum is back up on the CPG Home website. Is only available to members for now. So to go public after they iron out some problems.

It would be cool if you could add this Blog to the Forum, So we can still keep reviewing new stuff here. (wonder if they would allow that). Anyway look forward to hearing from you their mate.

I'm so busy at the moment, I'll set up a new Back Issues thread on it later on.

Cheers Gilgandra.


  1. Thanks, Gil.

    I don't think they'll let me do that. I tried to set this area up as a meeting place for CPG folks while they were working on the site. They ignored my email on it. So, I'll keep chugging here and maybe visit there every now and then. I wish CPG all the best.

    Thanks for the heads up brother! I'll definitely be visiting your thread! Thanks for all your great posts here!

    1. That's a shame they won't let you. They answered all my emails Hmmm!

      Well good news, I will still be reviewing new books here with you, Just not my back issue thread (i don't have much happening at the moment anyway Lol).
      No i won't be leaving you that easily as we both (thanks to you) worked hard to get this blog up & running. Do a few more reviews this weekend.

    2. I am deeply grateful that you have the passion to do this with me.

      For me, this is pure heaven. I love doing reviews, and showing off my back-issue comics with my buddies.

      CPG answered my emails, except the one where I proposed that they let my bros on CPG know that they were more than welcome to come on over, and contribute to the fun. I wasn't looking to compete, just to keep the party going while we waited for the site to be restored. I love CPG; I have been posting there since 2008. It kind of sucks to have years of posts and work go down the tubes, but what can ya do?