Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Adventure Time 2015 Spoooktaclar #1 (Kaboom!)

I'm a huge fan of the cartoon, Twisted & warped but fun! This book was no different, Loved it.
Tells us a little more about Marceline's past. She has (had) a pet dog named Schwabl, They are looking for food & also for her vampire father, Instead come across little fluffy but totally evil minions!
Marceline takes care of them no problem, In the process encounters a small family that is hiding from the evil that "mostly comes out at night, mostly" (nice Aliens reference that's used in the book).
She doesn't find her father but battles another odd powerful vampire, After the dust settles she looks at Schwabl & says "hey maybe there's some food over here!
Fantastic read & artwork, Lots of fun!

Rating 9/10.

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