Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Art Ops #1 (Vertigo/DC)

Wow, This is a brilliant idea (one you'd expect from Vertigo).
We have a secret organisation that has the tech to bring out characters from a picture, Yes! They come to life & walk / talk like us. Of course the Mona Lisa is the first we see come to life, But that's because the art ops are protecting her from unknown entity.
Later the Art Ops themselves go missing in a blinding flash whilst at a party, The Body (he can't be seen buy humans but artworks can see him) is asked to track down Mona Lisa & protect her. He finds her working in a local supermarket packing a grocery bag.
They go to the son of Art Ops leader & ask him for help, He thinks he knows all to well what the Art Ops is (has an arm that's made of streaming colours that's trying to take over his body). But by the looks of it he'll will be in for a shock.
Artwork by Micheal Allred (I, Zombie) & brillant writing from Shaun Simon. A must for fans of the quirky reads, I liked it.

Rating 7.5/10


  1. Great review, Gil. I went out and bought this based on your review!!

    1. The Mona Lisa say's she been out before, That means the Op's & there tech are much older then you'd think. I will be keeping a close eye this series.