Monday, November 16, 2015

The Goddamned (before the flood) #1 (Image)

Oh! Boy this is not for kids (even has the rarely seen "C" word), Biblically violent.
A man wakes up out of a pool of poop! after a boy is relieving himself (peeing) on his head. The boy can't believe not only he's alive but has no scars...Later the Man with no scars heads to a small village with barbarians eating raw flash from a animal & eradicates them all with considerable ferocity.
He was one of the first two born of Adam & was also the first the commit murder...

Tex! You know who i'm talking about, Do you have his first appearance in House of Mystery #175?

The artwork is brilliant by R.M.Guera, We have all heard this story before but this has a slightly different direction. Would make a great movie!

Rating 8/10


  1. Wow!

    That sounds WAY brutal!! I don't have C's first appearance, but I sure need to! I love stories that expand on biblical stories or mythologies. Looks like I'm going to have to find this one!

    Great synopsis and review, Gil!!


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    2. Thanks Tex, I'm not big on religion but i am on history (which includes our christian history). This book is awesome & hope it turns in to classic.
      All we need now is for Noah to turn up at the end...That would be cool Lol.