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Pull List Potpourri Episode 1


   You already know that I LOVE back-issue comics from the Golden Age to the Modern (Post-Modern?) Age. The next logical question is, "TEX, buddy-old-pal...What's on your current pull list?!"

   I'm glad you asked. ;)

   So many collectors confine themselves to one genre, universe, or age of comics. And that is totally fine. For me, comics is a pastime, and any pastime should be done at the the leisure and by the preference of the individual who enjoys it. So collect what you like, read what you please - as long as it doesn't hurt any one, including you (i.e. buying so many comics you can't buy food, pay the rent/mortgage, or take care of your family and/or yourself properly).

   The only rule of comics: ENJOY!!

   But I diggety-digress. So, you wanna know what's on my pull list? Sweet. Let's rock:

1. Cyborg, from DC Comics - David F. Walker's Cyborg, has that Ultimate Spider-Man style slow burn that builds up and establishes the character, that helps the reader truly relate, understand and empathize with the protagonist. This is a character-driven sci-fi story masquerading as a super-hero comic. Ivan Reis' pencils backed by Joe Prado's inks and Adriano Lucas' colors is a wonder to behold.

Rating: 8 out of 10

2. Velvet, from Image Comics - Comics' greatest crime-noir team is back again, and better than ever! Brubaker and Epting return with Velvet, globe-spanning espionage tale that, at it's core, is crime-noir - a pure, action-packed, suspenseful, whodunit.

  Velvet is a secretary for director of the most prestigious and dangerous espionage organization...But there is more to Velvet than meets the eye. When her ex, the world's greatest spy, is mysteriously murdered, the blame falls on Velvet. Now she's out to clear her name, and NOTHING will stand in her way. Brubaker's tight signature writing style paired with Epting's lavish pencils make this a comic that you don't want to miss.

Rating: 9 out of 10

3. Justice League 3001 from DC Comics - This ain't your grandfather's Justice League of America. One thousand years after the events of Flashpoint, the universe is a very different place. The Justice League have fallen, leaving the inhabitants of the universe to be preyed upon by the strong. However, Cadmus still exists, and with it, the DNA samples of the universe's mightiest champions: Superman, Wonder-Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Firestorm and Batman. An all-new, all-different, slightly dysfunctional JL is born. But will they save the universe, or kill each other first? Throw in Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, and you've REALLY got trouble. Spinning off from last year's hit, Justice League 3000, Justice League is a fun, zany superhero romp à la Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis, with great pencils by Scott Kolins and amazing colors by Hi-Fi. It's one of my favorite books.

Rating: 9 out of 10

4. Deep State from Boom Studios - Ms. Branch is a government agent with an insatiable curiosity and an affinity for cold-case files. When John Harrow, a mysterious and shadowy man in black, offers her the keys to the kingdom, a glimpse into the darkest government secrets, she can hardly resist. The only catch: that she become his partner in keeping those secrets to keep mankind safe...Even at the cost of her own life. This is Men In Black for the New Millennium. I've been with this book since issue #1, and it's been a thrill. Love it.

Breaking News! Deep State has been optioned for a TV Show! More here: Deep State Optioned FOR TV

Rating: 8 out of 10

5. They're Not Like Us from Image Comics - Syd is a teenager on the edge. She has been hounded by voices in her head for as long as she can remember. This has caused immense pain, and isolation on her part, and rejection on the part of others. When she decides to end her life, she is rescued by the Voice and his rag-tag group of castaways. Syd finds that the voices in her head are real - that she can hear the thoughts of others. She also finds that she is not alone, that the others is the Voice's group have powers too. These rejects have found a place in the world, cared for and groomed by the Voice with only one rule: Take what you want, when you want. 

  Eric Stephenson has outdone himself - this is a great book. It's not a superhero book, but more of a teen angst story told with super-powered teens. It's light on action, and heavy on dialogue and drama; and Simon Gane's art is simply gorgeous. If you can dig that, you'll love this book. 

Rating: 8 out of 10

6. Earth 2: Society, from DC Comics - Earth 2 is dead. However, escape ships were built to salvage some of the population, including some of its guardian heroes. The ships, created by the brilliant Terry Sloane, upon reaching a new Eden-like Earth, fall from the sky in a plan initiated by Sloane. Sloane, orbiting Earth in the one remaining sky-borne ship becomes a dictator like figure, while on Earth, the survivors cannibalize the downed ships to created new cities. But now, Sloane has come to Earth, and the new Batman is determined to bring him to swift, brutal justice...But a new villain, Johnny Sorrow, might have something to say about the matter.

  Another of my favorites, Earth 2 Society is 100% fresh. These are not the heroes we know and love. This universe is different, the rules are different and many roles are switched or filled by other characters. This feels familiar, but alien at the same time - it's a universe where anything can happen. That is exciting!

Rating: 8 out of 10

7. Postal from Image and Top Cow - There are many secrets in Eden, Wyoming - a town inhabited by criminals looking to stay off the radar. To do this this, no crime is tolerated at all. Mark, the town's postman, sticks out like a sore thumb. He has Asperger's, which, in his case gives him a clarity of vision, a driving curiosity, a heightened attention to detail and a biting honesty - all of which aren't necessarily traits that keep one alive in this sort of town. When a woman is brutally murdered in the town, Mark will use all of his considerable skills to find the killer, and in doing so, he will discover secrets about the town and about himself which will shake him to his very core. Welcome to Eden. 

This is one of the best comics being published today. Matt Hawkins brings his considerable intelligence to bear in this mystery/crime tale, driven by a very unlikely hero. Everything about this comic just works. If you're not reading Postal, you're truly missing out. 

Breaking News! Matt Hawkins' Think Tank and Postal have been optioned for TV Shows! More here: Think Tank and Postal Optioned For TV!

Rating: 10 out of 10

8. Green Lantern: Lost Army from DC Comics - John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kilowog and the surviving members of the Green Lantern Corps find themselves in a new universe. There is no Green Lantern Corps, no Oa, and no power battery for their quickly depleting power rings. Besides this, two of the Corps greatest foes have joined the group: Krona and Relic - both seemingly from the timeline before they became universal threats...But are they friend or foe in this strange universe? How will John get his soldiers home? What hard decisions and sacrifices will he have to make and regret? 

This series is looking great. In a new universe with new threats and a timeline not set in stone, anything is possible, and John Stewart is the perfect man to lead his troops and get them home. The spotlight is on Stewart, and it is GREAT! Throw in Saiz's beautiful pencils and covers, and you have a book that really pops. 

Rating 7.5 out of 10

9. We Are Robin from DC Comics - After the events of End Game, Batman is gone, Gotham is in ruins, and many people are still missing. Duke Thomas' family is among the missing, and he aims to find them, no matter what. Duke is tough, and smart with an unbreakable will - a will that will not be broken, even as he's shuffled from foster home to foster home. But Duke alone may not be enough...And he doesn't have to be. Rescued from certain death by a group of teenagers who will not wait for someone else to fix their city, Duke becomes part of the Robins, a network of teen vigilantes who have take on the "R" as their symbol, there calling, headed by a shadowy figure who may, or may not, be the city's missing hero: The Batman. 

This is a wonderful story of young people getting involved and taking ownership of their lives and responsibility for their environment. Duke Thomas is mesmerizing. I look forward to seeing his ascent in the DCU. Lee Bermejo is a capable writer, but this comic would really explode if he took did the pencils. 

Rating 7.5 out of 10

10. Adam .3 from Dark Horse Comics - On an Eden-like world, there is a man named Adam. He is a friend and brother to the animals, a savior, a guardian, and peacemaker. Wise and strong is Adam, living in this pristine world with his wife, Skye, and his firstborn son, Beo - a firstborn son from another mother, with a brooding and violent disposition that threatens the entire planet. Adam loves his son, but can he reach him before the coming darkness that threatens his world poisons him beyond saving?

Scott Kolins writes a dynamic tale of love, loss, hate and survival. A mix of biblical characters and sci-fi elements, this is the perfect mix of the primitive and wildly advanced - a world where tech serves to keep man safe, while leaving his development squarely in his own hands. Kolins replaced God with a sentient satellite that provides for, and watches over Adam and his family. As usual, Kolins' art is magnificent; however, his art here is more dynamic, with a hint of Jack Kirby, which makes this book glorious to behold. 

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

See you soon!!!


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