Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Uncanny Inhumans #1 (Marvel)
Another sweet Kirby Monster Variant 

Starts of with a bang...That's the biggest man made one in history!
Black bolt, Reader & Triton are transported to a unknown place on earth from 13 thousand years ago.
That's until Kang the Conqueror shows up via hologram projection how typical & explains that he did it. They look up & see the Russian plane that has just dropped the Tsar Bomba-Hydrogen Bomb in (1961), They have two minutes to live.
To make it harder Kang transported Dinosaurs & Soldiers for them to fight. Reader just gets them out to (present day New York) as the bombs explodes. 
Black Bolt walks in after nearly been turned to steaming ash & see's Medusa having a private moment with Johnny Storm...To say he was not impressed is an understatement.

I enjoyed this alot & will continue with it, For now!

Rating 7.5 /10


  1. Thanks for the posts, Gil!

    Hmm. I was thinking about picking this one up, but at 7.5, maybe I'll wait for the TPB.

    1. You are correct on that Tex!, I'll get the next issue just to where the direction is headed. I did not like the Human Torch being involved with the Inhumans (Black Bolt is above that).