Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Murphy Anderson Homage

The great Murphy Anderson is no more.

    Sadly, he passed away on October 22 - and the comics world will never be the same. An amazing comic book artist, and the premier inker of his time, Anderson's prodigious talent left a mark on the world of comics, especially in the DCU, that will never ever be forgotten. Anderson is credited with co-creating such comics favorites as Adam Strange, Zatanna, and the Atomic Knights; however, his true genius was in inking. Anderson took the artwork of such great pencillers as Gil Kane, and Curt Swan and made it the stuff of legend.

   So, following the lead of The Groovy Agent over on his stellar site, Diversions of the Groovy Kind, I thought that I too would pay homage to this late comic legend with a gem from my own collection:

This is my copy of The Atom #1 printed in 1962, written by Gardner Fox, pencilled by Gil Kane and inked by the late maestro, Murphy Anderson. There is no denying that Kane was a master of composition and of the human form; however, when Anderson laid down his inks over Kane's pencils, nothing short of magic took place every time.

Besides Anderson's stellar inks, this book marks the first appearance of  Jason Woodrue, also known and the Plant Master, and later, Alan Moore's Floronic Man.

A final thanks and outpouring of love to a great artist and astounding inker. Thank you, Mr. Anderson. We will miss you.



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