Sunday, November 22, 2015

Tokyo Ghost #3 (Image)

A month has passed since Debbie & Ted have entered the Tokyo region. All is green lush & peaceful.
They are greeted by a beautiful lady who dresses up in Bushido (who incidentally has the power to heal).
Tokyo has a anti-tech field around it but she has some tech of her own that does not seem to be affected by it. Ted is slowly purged of his tech & even starts training as a samurai warrior although he sucks at it.
A beautiful book with a beautiful ending...But...something always lurks in the dark, always.

Rating 9/10


  1. Wow. I really need this book. My daughter loves anime, and she was wondering if it was based on an anime called Tokyo Ghoul. Are you familiar with it, Gil?

  2. Thanks Tex! It is only just starting to move along...story-wise.
    No sorry nothing like "Tokyo Ghoul" although that sounds cool (i looked it up).
    Much darker & of a chaotic future running out of control, For Mature readers.

  3. Ill have to check this one out. Is this a new ongoing or a mini series?

  4. Ongoing series BC. Has stunning artwork & a crazy future apocalyptic story-line.