Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tokyo Ghost #2 (Image)

If your not on this band wagon yet then let shame be sprinkled over your clouded eyes!
Fast becoming the title of the year (IMHO), What artwork & scope. So much to look at. Those who read #1 would have seen the Nintendo Power Glove with the Atari 2600 joystick attached to it Uber-cool. 
Debbie & Ted are asked to go & take all they can find...Secure resources, From Tokyo & bring back to a dying, Absolutely corrupt Los Angeles. They secretly don't care about the job & want stay there instead. But the Japanese samurai warriors might have something to say about that.
If you like/know Anime, Hard Boiled, Transmetropolitan, Akira & even has a little of Grendel: War Child. Then this is for you. Get on that band wagon now, It's filling fast.

Not for kids
Great book, A must to own & read.

Rating 10/10