Friday, November 13, 2015

Original Art Showcase Episode 1 - Ethan Van Sciver's Green Lantern

Ethan Van Sciver is the architect of the look of the modern Green Lantern.

     I remember picking up a copy of issue #1 of Green Lantern: Rebirth back in 2004 and being totally floored by the gorgeous rendering of Hal Jordan on the cover. I had to have the book. The story was brilliant. It was the story of Hal Jordan's redemption after he had become Parallax, a  nearly unstoppable, fear-based entity that took control of Jordan, and drove him mad...A madness which ended in the obliteration of Jordan's beloved Coast City. While there is no doubt that Geoff Johns, the architect of the DCU of the early 2000s leading into Flashpoint and the New 52, penned an amazing, heart-rending story of sacrifice and redemption, it cannot be denied that Van Sciver's artwork was a huge part of the attraction for the story, elevating Johns' storyline to make it one of the best arcs of the early 2000s. I instantly became a huge fan of Van Sciver's and Johns' work, especially when it had anything to do with Green Lantern.

    Van Sciver's Green Lanterns are trimmed in light, surrounded by a glowing aura that both protects them from enemies and the vacuum of space. On their chests, the Green Lantern Corps symbol blazes before them in the pure green light of will, signaling authority to all who see - a blinding space badge worn by the most powerful police force in the universe.

   A few years ago, I had the pleasure of being able to buy a signed original piece of art by Ethan Van Sciver depicting my favorite character pencilled by him. I am happy to present to you...

It's Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, drawn, inked, colored and signed by Ethan Van Sciver!!! This is absolutely one of my favorite pieces of original artwork that I own. I hope you like it.

And check out Green Lantern: Rebirth at your local comic book store. Tell 'em TEX sent you. :)

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  1. Nice! Theres a hard to find green lantern variant he did with batman, is pretty cool. Green lantern 9 variant.

  2. I know just the one you're talking about, BC.

    I hunted it for a while, but the prices were too high for my taste. I did happen to snag one of those Batman As Green Lantern action figures based on Van Sciver's cover. Those action figures sell for a wide range of prices - from $30 to as much as $90.