Friday, November 27, 2015

The New Avengers (Vol 4) #1 and #2 Review

New Avengers (Vol 4) #1 and #2 from Marvel Comics -

    Roberto DaCosta, multi-billionaire, also know to the world as the mutant superhero, Sunspot, has taken over A.I.M., once known as the criminal organization, Advanced Idea Mechanics, and transformed it into a force for good. Now, Avengers Idea Mechanics is a growing, powerful multinational organization with one purpose: protect planet Earth. A.I.M. has the most brilliant scientists, and engineers, and the most advanced armament, vehicles, and tech in the world today; however, at it's core are the New Avengers - Hulkling, Wiccan, White Tiger, Power Man, Squirrel Girl and Songbird - a newly formed team armed with their powers and all the tech, muscle, support and resources A.I.M. and DaCosta can put behind them - and they're going to need it. The Maker, an alternate, terrifying version of Reed Richards gone wrong, has returned. Using his considerable genius, he has found a way to download the consciousness of the dead and return them to Earth in order to glean information about the very nature of the universe itself. Earth is being overrun by the undead, the Life-Minus, and these novice New Avengers are all that are standing between us and the Maker's Life-Minus legions. Are they up to the task? They better be...S.H.I.E.L.D. is watching and the Earth hangs in the balance.

  Al Ewing writes this angsty, sometimes loony little Avengers tale, full of action, high-tech hijinks, relationship issues and witty banter. While I enjoyed this story, one would expect more depth from the first issues of a new title launch. The books have a forced, yet flashy teenage-y feel, and a sense of humor that some will find attractive, while others, myself included, will find sophomoric. The New Avengers is flamboyant, fast-paced fun for a new generation of Avengers readers. I'm not very confident it will attract too many veteran comics readers of more "mature" (ahem!) ages. Bringing in Hawkeye is a great idea - this team needs a older, wiser leader that can be like a Captain America for them, to help them congeal as a team...But knowing Hawkeye, he might not be the best choice for the job. Or maybe he'll change and become exactly what they need. Who knows? The story is fun, and Gerardo Sandoval's art paired with Dono Almara's beautiful, highly saturated colors, makes this book very nice to look at. The Maker looks like he's going to be serious trouble in the 616. Keep an eye on that one. 

 These New Avengers just aren't my cup of tea - and they probably won't connect with many from their late 20s upward. Maybe they weren't supposed to. And that's totally cool - but I won't be staying along for the ride.

RATING: 6 out of 10. 

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  1. Yeah! i stayed away from alot of the re-booted Marvel stuff. Although, I'll give Spidey a go. I'm a little confused with the Marvel Universe at the moment Lol.
    It's funny that all the new characters/material are a great read.
    Good review Tex!

  2. Thanks, Gil!

    So far, the new MU is good, not really great (IMO). After the last big event (Secret Wars) crafted by Jonathan Hickman, things fizzled a bit. Hickman's run on the Avengers and other titles, and his re-construction of the MU over the last few years was pretty epic, and some of the best superhero comics work in recent memory. Hickman was to Marvel what Snyder and Tynion are to the DCU: the new architects.