Sunday, November 1, 2015

Superman: Lois and Clark #1 Review

Superman: Lois and Clark #1 from DC Comics -

     After the events of Convergence, the Earth we know is no more. Surviving the fall of their universe, Superman and Lois have settled quietly in this new universe, this universe where there is another Justice League, another Lois Lane, and another Superman. Resisting the urge to reveal themselves, Lois and Clark White have begun a new life with their adolescent son, Jonathan, in a small town where they can move freely and stay hidden. Even Jonathan doesn't know their secrets, or about his father's powers and identity. Clark, struggling with a fluctuation of his power, saves the world clandestinely, and Lois has become a world-renown, anonymous writer, an agent of change, opening the minds of the people and exposing the vilest corruption on the planet. When Lois takes on this world's most deadly and powerful syndicate, Intergang, in her new book, the blowback just might  expose their secrets...And end their new lives, figuratively and literally.

   It's GREAT to see the Superman that we know and adore back in action. His hopefulness, suffering spirit and quiet strength are a breath of fresh air in the new DCYou. Dan Jurgens hits all the right notes, and brings us some very familiar characters in a very unfamiliar world, with son in-tow. It's not until I saw Lee Weeks' excellent rendering of Superman Classic and Lois, that I realized just how much I missed them. Excellent exposition, great pencils, and characters that feel like your favorite safety blanket - well, call me Linus! Fans of the DCU Classic are sure to love this book. I know I do. Up, up and away!!

Rating: 9 out of 10.

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