Friday, November 13, 2015

Rowan's Ruin #1 Review

Rowan's Ruin #1 from Boom! Studios -

    Katie is a red-blooded American girl, just looking for a little adventure, a little get-a-way from  her life in the Sunshine State. She hops online to find some house-swapping action, and is soon delighted when she is contacted by Emily, an Englishwoman living in Rowans Rise, a centuries-old property near the town of Stratford in London. A deal is struck, and Katie is on her way to Merry Olde, and Emily, to the Colonies. At first, Katie loves her new digs, soaking in the culture, nature, and the ancient feel that the home and property possess. But soon, a growing sense of unease begins to rule her nights, as she can't shake the feeling that she is not alone...And that she is definitely not safe. Ghostly figures dart in the shadows, peeping-tom apparitions watch her while she showers...Will Rowans Rise be Katie's fall?

   Mike Carey writes this atmospheric, up-to-date horror story that feels like it just jumped right off of a movie screen into the pages of this fun little comic book. Mike's gift for female dialogue is reminiscent of that of Joss Whedon's; Katie comes alive because we all probably know or have met a girl just like her. She seems to be a nice girl, and almost immediately we care about what happens to Katie, and we begin to share her uneasiness as the house begins its attack on her senses. Mike Perkins' pencils prove adept at conveying emotion, beauty and monstrous things in this book. It's just very well done. If you like tales of people who set out looking for adventure and find infinitely more than they are looking for, Rowans Ruin is definitely the story for you.

RATING: 8 out of 10. Rowans Ruin is absolutely worth a read.

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  1. Ghost story are cool, Might need to pick that one up next time. Nice review Tex!

    1. Thanks, Gil!! I wasn't so sure about it, but after reading it, I'm glad I copped it.