Sunday, November 1, 2015

Telos #1 Review

Telos #1 from DC Comics -

    Telos, the villain of Convergence has been unleashed from his planetary chains, and is free to use the immense power that Braniac gave him to travel space and time. His first mission: find Braniac and make him pay for not revealing the correct whereabouts of Telos' family - the reason that Telos served Braniac in the first place. Braniac, in a weakened state, has just two options, reveal the location of Telos' family or die at the hands of his own creation. A deal is struck...A fateful deal that may spell the end for Telos.

   Telos is a pretty comic to look at; Carlo Pagulayan's pencils, and Paz's and Parson's colors really give this book a major shine. It is a shame that the writing just wasn't up to the task of helping such brilliant artwork be compelling enough to create a wonderful story populated by any characters that merited the reader's time, attention or interest. The story gives no jumping-on point, and assumes that the reader has read Convergence, which is just bad storytelling for a comic with the number "1" printed on it. Not to mention that it was hard for me to feel Telos' pain, or identify with the character in any way because...Well...He's just so unlikeable. This guy is clearly villain material, and it probably should stay that way.

   This book, despite a strong showing for the artist and colorists, just doesn't get the job done.

  Rating: 4.5 out of 10.


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