Sunday, November 22, 2015

Godzilla in Hell #5 (IDW)

Well this is's over (i think).
Hard to talk about a book with hardly no words,
Godzilla gets to the last frozen level of hell. In the distance he see's the way out, A stairway with an unimaginably huge guardian at the top. He goes to climb but the rock falters under the he's immense weight.
He comes across spires that house these hellish bats that hhhissss. After he disturbs them & they warm around the legend himself. He goes to use his Atomic Breath but it does not work.
The hell bats devour Godzilla till only bones are left. But then something amazing happens, The creatures are drawn back the bones & they reanimate him. A new vigor is achieved, Godzilla staring up at the huge guardian powers up beyond anything he was ever capable of before & releases his powerful Atomic breath..."It is better to conquer yourself...Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you...not by angels or demons...heaven or hell" -Buddha.

It was one for the fans, The true king of monsters. Great work IDW, Well done!
I will be getting the TPB

Rating 10/10


  1. Look like I'll be getting the TPB too! You've raving about this book for months. I have to see this brother Gil!

    1. Lol...The artwork is fantastic, One has too read the story by just looking at the pictures.
      I hope the TPB has heaps of extras & stuff! it will be a future pride & joy of mine.
      Tex! if you can only get the one issue, Get the (Jeff Zornow EC Comics Subscription Variant Cover) Tis' very cool indeed.
      I'm after the 2nd print of the first issue as well now.