Sunday, December 20, 2015

                     GILGANDRA'S BACK ISSUES 2.0...2

Tex asked for it for it...thus it shall be done. 
Behold (Lol) Dr, Strange CGC 9.4 it is good.

It's not the best pic, Although i have Tex's copy in the background :)

I bought this some years ago for $35, Wanting to know what the hub bub was with slabbed books. It was a wise buy...didn't know that at the time. i have already showed it to my mates on the CPG forum. But this is for all those others that are watching.

Dr, Strange #1 (Marvel) CGC 9.4

Maybe i'll show my sweet copy of ASM #129 next Hmm. 

This time though...

Secret Origins (DC) 1961

This is one hard to find book, Yep it has the first reprint of The Flash (awesome T.V. show) among others of course. 
Picked it up for $40 back 3 years ago. 

Till next time...Enjoy!


  1. Woo-WEEE!!!

    Look at that piece o' gorgeousness! That Doctor Strange #1 is a beauty - I'd like to have that one slabbed too.

    The very first Secret Origins comic!! CLASSIC! I adore Secret Origins comics. I can read them for days. I have one of those - yours is in better condition. Mine is about a 4.5 or 5.0.

    I don't have any of the issues from the 70s, but I have nearly the full run of the issues from the 80s. There are some GEMS in that series, especially issue #10 , featuring possible origin stories for The Phantom Stranger penned by Paul Levitz, Dan Mishkin and Alan Moore. These stories mark the first time the Stranger's origin had been tackled in his then 35-year existence. The Phantom Stranger is one of my favorite comic characters - it's rare that a character of such longevity not have a fixed origin story. I love that.

    There was a new Secret Origins series this year. I think I'll grab the TPBs.

    1. I didn't know there was a TPB on the title that came out this year...Need to look that up!.
      Phantom Stranger is a member of the Trench-Coat Brigade, Therefore i am a huge fan. 35 years Nice!

  2. Yep, there was a series that ran from 2014 to 2015.
    I totally didn't know it until the very end. When the prices drop on Amazon, I'll snag them. 2 volumes I think.

    That's right! I forgot. Phantom Stranger is a member of the Trench Coat Brigade. He's been around for 63 years or so now. Most people don't know that he actually debuted back in 1952 in his very own title. I have a copy that I'll post if you want.

    The Phantom Stranger is underused and DEFINITELY under-appreciated. The New 52 kicked off with the Trinity of sin of which the Phantom Stranger, The Question and Pandora were a part. It was weird - they gave P.S. and origin that I hope doesn't stick: he was Judas Iscariot. I really like his origin to be speculative and shrouded in mystery.