Friday, December 4, 2015

TEX's Back-Issue Quest 2.0 Episode 2


    It's finally arrived!! Marvel's Jessica Jones has hit Netflix, and according to popular opinion, it is a pretty great show. 

    My personal opinion is that the show is gritty, edgy, and well done; however, Jessica Jones, for me was a better comic than TV show. For some reason, the grittiness of the show seemed a bit too dirty for me, and a might gratuitous at times - but maybe that's just my sensibilities. I cringed a bit in the scene in which the small child was spilling forth the foulest obscenities...That scene snatched me out of the fantasy world and brought me back to reality. It seemed a strange world in which the comic book company, Marvel, would condone having a child used in such a way. I know, I know. I should't be an old fuddy-duddy. Kids talk like that every day. There are more important things to worry about.

   Are there? I don't know. I guess, as a teacher/social architect, thinking about these things is just part of my DNA. 

   Again, if anyone else likes the show, that is awesome, but I think I'll sit out the next season. I was ecstatic to see Luke Cage hit the small screen after all these years, and David Tennant (My 2nd favorite incarnation of The Doctor) did a chilling, bang-up job as Kilgrave/The Purple Man. It is indeed a triumph for Marvel and comic book lovers in general, which I am, so I thought I'd celebrate by bringing out a few relevant gems from my collection to show to my brothers-of-the-newsprint!!

   Check it:

Here is my copy of Alias #1, featuring the 1st full appearance of Jessica Jones, published in 2001, under the MAX imprint of Marvel. As you can imagine, the popularity of the Netflix show has caused the value of this modern to climb rather steeply. Ungraded copies have sold for nearly $100

Here are my two copies of Luke Cage, Hero For Hire #1, featuring the 1st appearance of Luke Cage/Power-Man, Dr. Noah Burstein and a slew of Cage's enemies. I love this volume. The art was stellar, the covers were dynamic, and the writing was tight, hard-boiled crime-noir wrapped in a superhero coating. If you haven't read this volume of Hero For Hire, you've missed out. These have seen a nice bump in value as well.

   Once again, go and check out Jessica Jones on Netflix. I hear that Luke Cage will soon get his own solo series as well as the superhero team, The Defenders.

   Yep...I'm kind of a BIG Luke Cage fan. You don't EVEN know.

   This is a great time to be a comics fan!!


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  1. Nice books Tex, i still havent bought any Hero for Hire 1s. I need to though. I enjoyed alias, the first 2 or 3 episodes had way too many sex scenes for my taste though lol.

    Purple man was done very well! Im def. looking forward to other marvel shows on netflix. Im super excited for daredevil 2!!

  2. I agree, BC.

    Those sex scenes did throw me, and some other things. But MAX is rated R, I guess. Tennant did an excellent job as Kilgrave.

    I am excited for DD Season 2 too, as well as Luke Cage and Defenders. Rumor has it that Iron Fist has been called up to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I don't get that. Cage and Iron Fist go together like peanut butter and jelly.

    Maybe we'll get some Shang Chi instead.

  3. DD#4 (first Killgrave) is pretty flat on ebay, I don't get it.
    Jessica Jones was great. Not as great as DD. They were some very uncomfortable scenes, but they make sense in the context.

    Interesting that with everything they kept, they could have Jessica smoking cigs.I wasn't expecting Disney to give me a TV show that has butt sex.

    I think Jessica counts as a chick flick. Mostly it's about character studies and relationships. Marvel is still trying to tell different stories; teach the world that superheroes shows is not a genre, they can be used in most any genre.

    Purple Man was way too evil. That is his character, so points for that.
    Luke got to use his catch phrase without sounding lame.
    The tie-in to DD was small, doesn't matter if you only see one series, or watch them out of order.

    I think it's great that Luke refers to the Avengers as "the big green guy and his crew". Luke would figure that the muscle of the group is the leader.

    Luke and Claire were a thing in the comics. Wonder if she gets to be in Luke's series...

    The barroom brawl was great. Looked like Luke was annoyed that Jessica was breaking all his stuff. He taps guys and they go down, Jessica is tossing them through windows, into bottles of booze, and breaking furniture on them. Poor Luke, sometimes it sucks to have "help".

    Killgrave made a kid use bad language and that's what pulls Tex out of the story? huh... all the nastiness of Purple Man is what pulled me in.

    And we got to see Patsy Walker.

    1. Seeing Patsy was great.

      I'm hoping that means that maybe we'll see Daimon Hellstrom too - they had a long and costly relationship. Looks like Patsy likes them troubled. Who'd have thought that Nuke would appear on the small screen, or that he'd end up as Patsy's psycho boyfriend?

      I can't explain my sensibilities, Robbie. Kids are non-negotiable, off-limits for me. If you think that scene putting me off is something, you'll really love this: my wife and I used to love the new Teen Wolf show on MTV. One day, there's a steamy scene between Scott and his girl, and I realized that these are supposed to be underaged kids. So then I think of all the racy stuff on there, and realize that these scenes too are driven by supposedly teenage kids. Seemed inappropriate to me. I haven't been able to bring myself to watch since.

      But, like Jessica Jones, Teen Wolf was a well executed, well-written show. Jessica Jones is essentially about a seriously flawed, damaged super-person in a seriously flawed world. Jones tries to do the right thing, but her moral compass is impaired, and she just usually ends up being a wrecking ball to the lives of anyone she gets involved with.

  4. Hi Tex,
    I wonder if your view is a result of spending all those years teaching Millennials. They are precious and blah, blah - as the mainstream media has been telling us since the birth of the babies that become the high school class of 2000 were born...

    For me; evil children movies start with Rosemary's Baby in 1968 and end with the box office flop Firestarter in 1982 (same year as the leading edge Millennials). I still dig South Park - some of those kids are evil. (Season 19 is over the top compared to earlier seasons. There's a strong anti-PC message in this season.)

    Son of Satan would be sweet in the Netflix universe. Bet he'd usually keep his shirt buttoned, so we wouldn't see his chest. If Doc Strange can have a movie, then they are ready to bring in some supernatural elements.

    Purple Man wasn't purple. I think that was a good call. Damian doesn't need to show off his tat (or is it a scar, I don't recall).

  5. :)

    No, Robbie. I came up with that "precious" theory all on my own. I have my own ideas of what is right and what's not - while I can be influenced by ideas in which I find logic, I've pretty much thought that kids should be off limits for as long as I can recall. Once you see kids selling crack, it can change your outlook on life.

    I didn't see Firestarter (That was a flop?) as an evil kid movie- she was a super-powered kid in a messed up situation who still looked to her dad for guidance. She tried to control her powers, but in the end, anyone who got burned probably sure as heck deserved it. I've seen South Park, I think it's funny mostly. No kids were used in the filming of the filth. Cool.

    PC has it's good side, but like anything, it has a dark side. PC sets some people free from harassment and discrimination that a-holes want to pass off as "jokes." Some PC holds people back from telling the truth (as they see it, which could be actual truth). It just depends. I mostly keep untoward thoughts to myself unless absolutely necessary...or until I'm pushed. Thankfully, my size keeps that from happening most days.

    I'm remembering a scene where Kilgrave was pumped full of some drug to enhance his powers. It was purple in color, so I thought that this was going to be the point where he went purple. Nothing doing. It was the right call, but I can't say that I wouldn't have loved to see him purple. I sincerely want to see Hellstrom on Netflix, like yesterday. It would be GREAT if he'd branch off into his own series and get the occult party started for Marvel on the small screen. I believe it is a tattoo, maybe transferred over from his mother's tattoos (she tatted up her belly is satanic symbols to get the dark lord to do the wild thing with her).