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Double D Book 1 (GN) Review

Double D Book 1 (GN) from Image Comics -

   Alexander's terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day was a cake-walk in comparison to the day that Danny Carter's had. Overweight, under-appreciated, and generally ignored, Danny is a teenage social outcast. His only friend is Ben, loyal, but easily Danny's equal in social ineptitude. Danny has caught stray shoes to the noggin, ripped his pants, and he's even been made to wear a skirt by his sadistic gym teacher...The day can only get better - and it does, sort of. Danny soon discovers that he has the power to use his extra body fat to fuel great deeds of derring-do, from feats of super-strength, to fleet-footed feats of flabbergasting speed. So what's Danny do with his newfound gifts? Just what any other normal teenage male would do...He ceaselessly shows off. Danny's having the time of his life, but now he's on the radar of some very dangerous people. Some might want to exploit Danny's gifts, others want to explore the reason for those gifts...Some have their own secrets to keep, and Danny's antics are making that very difficult. Danny and Ben will have to grow up fast and make some wise decisions, or they may not get the chance to grow up at all. 

    Eddie Argos, the lead singer of Art Brut, does a pretty bang-up job writing his first outing in comics. The beginning is pretty slow, and full of rich character development. In fact, the first issue seems like the beginning of any earnest teen angst story: uncool boy with his one uncool friend, in a cool school filled with cool dudes and pretty girls, and of course, the uncool kid's arch-nemesis backed by his cool posse. I mean, even the teachers give Danny no love. Then at the very end of the first chapter, there's a super-powered punch, and things get WAY more interesting for Danny, and the reader, from there. From here it becomes a page-turner for sure. It's got well-developed characters, action, a big helping of humor, and a Teen Wolf-like protagonist (Micheal J. Fox's Scott Howard, not the new TV show) - a kid who has a lot of hang ups, and just wants a little taste of glory...And his powers give him that chance. It's fun to watch. Another great thing about this book is that no one is who they seem to be - there are twists and turns galore, and the character shifts and background reveals can send you on a bit of an emotional roller-coaster. One second, you love a character and the next second they are lower than pig poop. Steve Horry's art is more than adequate for the telling of this story: his art is a bit stiff, but uncomplicated, and straight-forward, which, at times, can turn out to be quite beautiful. This is especially true when Horry is drawing the faces of women. 

    This book was well worth the money. I did not expect to enjoy this so much. I can't wait for Book 2. Double D is double dope.

RATING: 8 out of 10.

And for your listening pleasure, a taste of Eddie Argos' music with Art Brut - it's called Emily Kane:


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