Saturday, December 5, 2015

Venom: Space Knight #1 Review

Venom: Space Knight #1 from Marvel Comics -

Flash Thompson has done well for himself. He's gone from being the super-jock bane of Peter Parker's existence, to being a war-hero, to being a superhero, and a Guardian of the Galaxy. Now, the Venom symbiote, a member of the Klyntar species, has been cleansed of its former nature on its homeward, and Flash has been tasked with the ultimate honor: to become an Agent of the Cosmos - a space-faring, super-powered, cosmic cop. His first task as as space-cop: track down a dangerous chemical weapon before it falls into the hands of someone who plans to do major damage. This is one game that has no second downs, and no flags on the play. Will Flash make it to the end zone on this case, or will he fumble the ball?

Venom: Space Knight #1 is a rip-roaring, high-flying, heck of a lot of fun for a first issue comic. Robbie Thompson manages to squeeze in a sufficient amount of backstory on Flash Thompson/Venom all while, bullets, lasers, and bombs are flying, spaceships are soaring and witty quips are happening at light speed. I was hesitant to pick up this issue, but now I'm glad I did - this is a major change for the character that fits Venom just like a glove. It's like he was made for cosmic adventures...This Venom is a far-cry from the earthbound villain we knew and loved. Ariel Olivetti's AMAZING pencils make this book GORGEOUS to behold. This book just might be where sci-fi action and superhero hijinks meet for coffee and biscuits.

I dig this book.

RATING: 9 out of 10. Pure fun.

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  1. Nice review Tex!
    Completely missed that one, Didn't even know it was out.
    Better luck next time Lol.

  2. Sound like a fun issue.

    I miss the old "real" venom though :(

    1. Well, there's always Carnage.

      I don't think he's EVER going to be a good guy.

  3. Speakiny of, I need to buy more ASM 361s.