Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Carnage #2 (Marvel)

Oh dear...what am i to do. Marvel you have a hit on your hands.
This was gooood, Carnage is pure evil as he was created to be. What a cover (wish it was Glow-in-the-dark). look closely you see a little Venom.
Reads just like you are there with the privately employed agents tracking Carnage after he fell through a trap 200+ feet into an old mine.
A squad lead by Jameson is caught by surprise by Carnage & they attack him by using a sonic weapons. The weak mine roof partly caves in injuring some of the men. In the dark, Carnage grabs Jameson & asks for the whereabouts of his target (Manny) But hears a growling voice that's not familiar to him, "who the hell are you" Carnage asks...

Brilliant writing by Gerry Conway & Awesome art by Mike Perkins.
Hats of to Mike Del Mundo cover artist.

Oh & what better then all this...Aelfric the Mad Monk makes a small appearance, Steals a old book with what looks to be a D on the cover Hmmm!

Rating 9/10.


  1. GERRY CONWAY!!!! He's back?!


    I passed on that one! I'll see if my lcs has one next time I go.

  2. This has just been a huge surprise, I want more please!
    Yes, Do it this series Tex, Well worth it.