Sunday, December 13, 2015

TEX's BACK-ISSUE QUEST 2.0 Episode 3

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe is moving and shaking. As I've said before it's a great time to be a comic book fan. So far, it seems like Marvel can do no wrong on the big and small screens. It's no surprise that Marvel is looking to keep expanding, and rumor has it, that Iron Fist will soon be joining the ranks of Marvel's gritty TV heroes. This comes as bit of a surprise following the rumors that Iron Fist would actually be a part of the MCU on the big screen, instead of the small. I, for one, am REALLY happy about this news because Luke Cage and Danny Rand are more than the best of friends, they are brothers.

    Iron Fist is Daniel Rand, a man raised in the mystical city of K'un L'un, where he was taught the ancient secret of the martial arts, and there gained the power of the Iron Fist by defeating the dragon, Shou-Lao, The Undying.

    While, I am disappointed that Iron Fist won't be a co-star in the Luke Cage series, I'm ecstatic that they may find themselves together in Marvel's rumored Defenders TV series...And I'm still holding out hope that they'll end up in a show titled "Heroes For Hire." That would just float all of TEX's boats!!

But let's keep this post all back-issue-y with a little homage to Iron Fist and The Defenders, eh? Let's rock!


    Here are my three copies of Marvel Premiere #15, which featured the very first appearance of Iron Fist, rendered masterfully by the one, the only, the amazing, GIL KANE!

And for the Defenders fans...

    It's Marvel Feature #1, featuring the 1st appearance of The Defenders!!

    YEEAAH!!!! I am loving the Comics Takeover! Some are crying about comics-fatigue and blah-de-blah-blah. Me? I'm just enjoying the great comics the industry is cranking out, and the great films and TV shows that have made comic books more than just a child's pastime again.

    Comics weren't ever JUST for kids. Take a peek here: American Soldiers Reading Comics. Cool, right?


Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice write up Tex! Iron-fist is cool.
    Hey, That first soldier looks like Elvis.

    1. Thank, Gil!!

      I'll be doing more TEX's BACK-ISSUE QUEST postings soon that have nothing to do with upcoming TV shows and movies. I just thought it might be interesting.

      I just got one in today. :)

  2. Replies
    1. LOL!

      Yessir. I have the 1st app of Luke Cage X2 and the 1st app of Iron Fist X3.

  3. Maybe Luke can co-star in Danny's series.

  4. Maybe, but I figure Luke'll get his series first, so I figured it'd be the other way around - especially being that Cage is hotter than Rand (right now).

    Either way seems fine to me. A series with those two would be all kinds of awesome.

  5. They haven't cast anyone to play Iron Fist yet. They are filming Luke Cage now... so that shoots down hope for Iron Fist in Luke Cage.

    I do hope they meet before the Defenders series.
    Those two, plus Jessica and Daredevil. That's a solid anti-team.

    We saw Steel Serpent brand heroin in DD. Iron Fist could take an interest in that.

    We've seen the Rand Corp in Netflix - Danny Rand's dad is the CEO or something. IIRC the Rand's were Irish immigrants who settled in NYC and the family business has become a huge multi-national enterprise. The Marvel Netflix universe could use rich, white boy from the expensive part of town. Great contrast to what we already have. And he knows some magic? And he knows some magic? Pff... whatever :)

    Anyhow... Yep, MP#15 is the start of a pretty good story. It wraps up in Marvel Team-up #63-64. The Powerman / Iron Fist team-up stories are better than either solo venture. Two guys with different backgrounds and personalities - and they're PIs - guess that isn't a very original idea. It had been used in several TV series by '78 when Claremont wrote the issue.

    1. Dang Robbie,

      Marvel should hire you.

      That sounds like a NICE premise from which to start the Heroes For Hire TV show!