Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. 1953 (Dark Horse)

The book of the week (for me that is). Could not put it down, Amazing artwork & storytelling quite accurate too. 7th book in a series, My first.
A one off story that tells of the legend of (Boudicca's Hag) witch. Won't go into detail but Whoa! what a fun read,
Fantastically creepy & Hellboy see's again some things even he is amazed by...lets you know about it to Lol.
Hangings witches skeletons & Rotten Romans that's my Horrible Histories gag :)
No literally they come out of the ground & fight Hellboy. Until Professor Trevor convinces them to attack the hag instead & end the conflict.
The book ends with a short story about a old pub that has it's name changed from Whistling Pig to Raw-head & Bloody Bones Old long dead grave robbers. The pub is haunted by the two. Hellboy & the Professor convince the new owners to burn the sign...Just as the actual ghosts appear. They two burn up in smoke surpriseing everyone. A moment passes & Hellboy says" That was some-thing".

Mike Mignola you are the man.

Rating 10/10.


  1. I love Mignola's writing.

    I take it there is no Witchfinder story in there?

  2. One needs Mignola after reading all this new stuff. It bring you back down to earth!
    I need to track down more of them now, (so hard to find Hellboy stuff).