Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Jacked #1 (DC/Vertigo) Mini series.

Great cover by Glenn Fabry & Ryan Brown (really speaks to the average man Lol).
A man named Josh is living in the shadow of his former self, Once a cool dude but living in a rut with his wife & young boy...
Searching for a release from his dreary day to day activities (ahem! they will not be mentioned). His dentist brother says go online & buy those brain boosters. There not illegal, Then again there not over the counter either. To help you to get back on track with things.
Josh buys JACKED, Nothing happens for a bit. Ohh! but then it does...& next his saving some dude in a car accident by ripping of the damn door. His son says No Way!

Has a slight Hard Boiled fell it (that's the second time in as many weeks).
This is a 6 parter, Also might be better as a TPB for me. Not bad though.

For Mature Readers.

Rating 7.0/10


  1. Thanks for the review, Gil.

    You confirmed what I thought when I read the premise for that series - it might be better in trade.

    To be honest, it didn't appeal to me greatly anyhow. Now, thanks to you, I'll save some cash!