Saturday, December 26, 2015

DC Presents : The Darkseid War #1 (one-shot)

This is a shout out to the younger readers out there...Buy this book as you may not be able to afford the originals, Soon you won't be able to find them at a fare price!!!
Reprints Mister Miracle #1, New Gods #1 & 7 & Forever People #1, Jack Kirby goodness at it's best.

I could talk all day about Forever People #1 alone, So...I'll keep it short. JUST FIND IT & Weep at the masters work.

Rating 10/10 (say no more)


  1. Very cool!!

    King Kirby did 'em right!! I have all those original issues, so I'll hang back on that one.

    Justice League: Darkseid War - Power of the Gods looks REALLY good. It is a HC that doesn't come out until next year. I've already pre-ordered it.

  2. I'll have to keep an eye out on that one too!
    Got all those 6 specials, but did not get all issues in the actual story arc. Missed a few, So hopefully it will all be that HC.

  3. I missed out on the specials.

    Didn't even see it coming, but I don't like to miss stories like those. It's cheaper on DCBS. I tried to provide a link but the site is down.

    It's half-price. You'll pay less for the HC than you did for all the individual comics.