Sunday, December 20, 2015

Jack the Ripper (Dark Horse) Originally published by Editions Soleil.

One of the best HC books i've seen in many a year. Absolutely beautiful...Stunning artwork (Jean-Charles Poupard). Story by (Francois Debois). Best first page start to a book ever...Wow.
An alternate what if Jack the Ripper. New characters & suspects, Hypnosis & MO's.

If your a fan of Gothic Victorian horror then this is for you, No...there are no classic monsters to be seen, Don't need any. They are the people, The filth that lives & roams the city streets of London in 1888.

It's a fictional theory as to who the ripper is, A man hiking up in the mountains towards an old hut for shelter. Finds a skeleton clutching a journal with the statement that he is Jack the Ripper.
3/4 of the way through the story takes us to Paris after the ripper killings in London. They are by a murderer dubbed by the press "The Baron" whose murders are similar to the rippers. At this point in the 104 page book it starts to get a little slow. Not quit the ending one expects or wants. It almost gets their...but not quite. Worth a read though.

But...the start of the book right through till that point is a roller coaster ride, Just what one wants & more. Reminded me of a "Penny Dreadful" episode which coincidentally is mentioned in the book.

I recently saw a doco as to who they now think Jack the Ripper was (It was good watching). It just added to the mytho's of what really happened way back 127+ yrs ago. This book keeps that alive, As horrible as the 5 murders were, They weren't the only ones that happened before or after them. So why is Jack the Ripper remembered...He did it under there nose & this book cements that!

Rating 7/10.


  1. That sounds GREAT, Gil!

    Stellar write-up! I am going to hit Amazon for that one.

    Also, thanks for the heads up on the GL/Star Trek crossover event. I'm digging it.

    1. I just read the last issue in the 6 parter of the Crossover. It ends well with something i've never seen before...Very cool.
      I'm not a huge fan of Green Lantern, But by god this worked well indeed.

  2. Thanks Tex. It's not perfect But it is worth the read & visually seeing the industrial age come to life throughout the pages.
    I liked it.
    Hope another Ripper story comes out in the future, Theirs not enough of them Lol.