Saturday, December 26, 2015


I give you one of my favorite covers ever, So happy to have found a copy here in Australia.
Ghost Rider #15
(Vol.3), July 1993. Glow-in-the-Dark cover & art by Mark Texeira. CGC 9.8

It goes well with my other two copies witch includes the gold 2nd Print.


Now to greatness, I have promised it & i now shall deliver...
Amazing Spider-Man #129, February 1974. 1st App: The Punisher & The Jackal!

I love The Punisher. Will get this slabbed one day probably around the 9.0 mark.
I spent alot on this book & is one of the most sort after keys in Marvel Comics history. Being a yellow cover makes it even harder to find a sweet copy. Also the cover has been parodied alot. 

Till next time...Enjoy!


  1. DAAAAANG!!!

    Those are some high-grade hunnies!!! WOWZA!!!! Texiera really made that Ghost Rider cover POP!!!

    ASM #129 at 9.0?!!! AAAAAAAAAHHH!!! You're killing me, Gil!! That is BEAUTIRIFEROUS!!!! (Yes. I made that word up to describe the majesty that is your ASM #129. Don't judge me.) :D She is CLEAN, TIGHT, AND DYNAMITE!!

    Mine's about a 5.0. YOU DA MAN, GIL!!!!

  2. Thanks Tex!
    I'm now after another favorite book that's slabbed, Might be awhile before i get it though Lol.

  3. It's definitely worth slabbing.

    PRETTY! PRETTY PRETTY!! I think it's the nicest one I've ever seen!

  4. That ASM 128 looks sharp!!! Make sure yu get it pressed before you slab it.