Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Gilgandra's Back issues 2.0

Gilgandra's Back issues 2.0

Well my good mate Tex! has an awesome Blog going on here & he was kind enough to invite me to help him to make the world more learned about comic books, Hope i won't disappoint.  

So without further ado..."And here we go"

Have some sweet Give'a'ways (love collecting this stuff) & a cameo of Preacher, Enjoy!

Super-Villain Team-Up #1, VF+. August 1975.

DC Comics Super Heroes Good Activity Book 5th printing. NM 1989, Give'a'way.

Superman Radio Shack, VF+. July 1980. Give'a'way.

Spider-Man & The Incredible Hulk Foley's, VF+. 1982 Give'a'way.

The Vertigo Gallery #1, NM. January 1995. Cameo: Preacher. Came out the same month as Absolute Vertigo, Has just one pin-up of Preacher. Nice one to have.


  1. Nice, loving that vertigo gallery preview.

  2. Thanks BC, It pretty unknown book at the moment.

  3. Those are some SHARP ones! I always appreciate sharp giveaways! Nice Vertigo Gallery - I need one of those. Super-Villain Team Up #1 is on my list! Keep those back-issues coming, Gil!

    1. Thanks Tex, I do think the give'a'ways are getting harder to find now.