Friday, April 22, 2016

Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises #1 (Darby Pop Publishing)

I don't have many comics based on my most favorite hero. Darby Pop Publishing has done a fantastic job with a book that mixes our crazy modern age & the early 70's.

A somewhat secret org. has glass boxes with some serous tech attached to them. A person is encased that's in suspended stasis (think demolition Man). A dude put his hot coffee on a box & suddenly there is an earthquake (this story takes place in California). All turns out o.k. except that the box is broken.

Some kids (brother & sister) are at a dodo learning the fine art & there instructor is a meanie. A short time later this Asian man walks in to stop him from hitting the teenage girl teaching her a life lesson. After leaving the kids take the Asian man home because he is confused as to who his is & what hell is going on. They meet up with Joe Toomey (he's a cool cat) & all is revealed. The secret org. has caught up with them & taser the Asian man, put him back in the glass box for a woman that seems very powerful indeed. But the kids hitched a ride in the back of Joe's trunk without him knowing...What follows is (well you will just have to buy this book to find out)

Artwork by Brandon McKinney, Written by Shannon Lee & Jeff Kline. We see a most fun fantastical take on the most popular figure in pop culture history, Bruce Lee.

Rating: 10/10

Get the book, Would make for a brilliant TV series (i figured that just after this first issue) Sweet read whilst looking at the flag i have of him (Way of the Dragon) draped over a doorway near my computer.

Best line, Joe: "Everybody has a GPS now. Video cameras in their smartphones. They can search Facebook & Instagram all by themselves"...Bruce: "I didn't understand anything you just said".


  1. I ordered it after your review!

    I love Bruce Lee too. Did you read the series Comeback Kings? Bruce Lee, Tupac and Elvis come back to damage some baddies!

    1. One must (as you stated) be a fan. That's awesome that you ordered it, You won't be disappointed.
      Comeback Kings...No i did not, That does sound like fun!

  2. Any idea how long this series will be?