Sunday, April 10, 2016

Grayson Vol 1 and Vol 2

Grayson Vol 1: Agents of Spyral from DC Comics

Grayson Vol 2: We Die At Dawn from DC Comics

     During the Events of Forever Evil, Richard Grayson died. He tracked, unmasked and murdered before the eyes of the world...But it was a clever ruse by Lex Luthor to save him. No longer viable as a masked vigilante, Dick Grayson is Nightwing no more. Now he is Agent 37 of Spyral, a shadowy and supremely elite spy agency that takes on the most impossible tasks to further their ultimate goal: to uncover the identities of the world's greatest superheroes. To do this, Spyral seeks a power of their own - the power of the Paragon Protocol - metahuman biological organs that gift their owners with supernatural abilities. Alongside Helena Bertinelli, Grayson pushes himself to the limits to become the ultimate spy for Spyral, and it mysterious Director without a face, Mr. Minos. But Richard Grayson has a secret, a secret that he only shares with one man: The Batman. If he isn't careful, his secret will get him killed...And this time, there will be no saving him.

   Tim Seeley and Tom King write this thrilling superhero/superspy mash-up. In these volumes we see Dick Grayson in some very entertaining, high-adventure tales that have it all - great artwork, plenty of action, lots of humor, mystery, high-tech-hijinks and a little bit of romance. Through it all, Grayson is ever true, firmly planted in his in his beliefs and ready to sacrifice it all to do what is right. Entrenched in possibly the world's most dangerous clandestine agency with no one to trust, Grayson fights the good fight, and he does it with confidence and style. Mikel Janín and Stephen Mooney provide gorgeous pencils while Jeremy Cox makes it all pop with rich, lavish colors. These stories are just what you would expect from the DCU's greatest, good-hearted natural acrobat.

RATING: 10 out of 10. Grayson is high-flying fun!

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