Saturday, April 30, 2016


Last time on TEX's Back-Issue Quest, we talked about Metamorpho (click here if you need to see read the last episode),

    What I didn't realize is that...I own Metamorpho, vol 1 #1!! I totally forgot!

    So, for your viewing pleasure:

I present to you my well-read copy of Metamorpho vol 1, #1!! In this issue, another of Simon Stagg's assistants gone wrong, Kurt Vornak, seeks to cure Metamorpho - not for altruistic reasons, mind you - but simply because he is a criminal who wants to get meddling Metamorpho out of the way for good. But Vornak's attempt to cure Metamorpho goes horribly wrong...For him.

FUN FACT: Kurt Vornak never appeared again after this issue. Gotta love those Silver-Age throw-a-way villains!


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