Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Shadow of Glass #1 Review

The Shadow Glass #1 (of 6) Dark Horse.

Dark Horse has a fantastic series on there hand, Great read & artwork (both by Aly Fell). I'm new to her work but what a riveting first book of 6. 
A story that involves old school magic (that's the shadow glass) set in London between 1560's - 1580's.
A young beautiful lady that's a somewhat of a tomboy Rosalind who is 20 yrs of age finds out that her father is dying from cancer. To add salt to a wound she also finds that he is not her real father at all...But a English man from the Americas i think who has a dark intentions involving an occult.
You see she was not born by natural means but of a summoning of a creature involving the Shadow Glass.

If your into a gripping Elizabethan yarn then this is for you, I for one am excited for the next issue.

Rating 9/10.

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