Friday, April 22, 2016

Chrononauts Vol 1 Review

Chrononauts, Vol 1, from Image Comics -

     Ostentatious and bodacious scientist, Dr. Corbin Quinn, has sacrificed it all for science...and for fame and fortune. His wife, his father, his future happiness - all has slipped though his fingers for the chance to prove that he alone could do the impossible: peer through the wall of time. And, with the help of his best pal, Dr. Danny Reilly, he has succeeded far beyond what his detractors could ever imagine...With the new chronosuits Corbin and Danny are going to be the very first men to step into the time-stream! Of course, everything spirals out of control when Corbin is hit by a rogue wave in the time stream that hurtles him far into the past. With one-half of the bromance in peril, Danny goes in to save him; however, what Danny finds boggles his mind, and just might cost him his life...And destroy the future of the entire planet.

   Chrononauts, Vol 1, collects Chrononauts issues 1 through 4. As usual, Mark Millar brings us action, adventure, laughs and crazy fun in this rip-roaring, time-traveling smash hit that seems made for translation to the big screen. Corbin and Danny are bad boy scientists who like to live it up, explore, and go all the way. These guys are extremely likable, and fun to journey with. After a while, you learn, while they discover as well, that both of them are far more than they seem to be on the surface. Millar goes balls-out of the story, throwing caution, and the entire timeline, to the wind which leaves the reader wondering how in the world Corbin and Danny are going to fix the humongous chronological cock-ups they are committing one after the other. Sean Gordon Murphy's sketchy but gorgeously meticulous art kicks the afterburners on this already wonderfully nutty story. Throw your brain out the window and ride into the future with these lovable Tony Stark clones. Chrononauts, Vol 1, is fun from start to finish.

Rating: 10 out of 10.

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  1. I remember this book, I missed out on it, Will have to get the TPB. Thanks for the review Tex!
    Reminds me of the movie PAYCHECK.

  2. Paycheck.

    That remember that, vaguely. I will look it up. I think that was Ben Affleck, right?