Sunday, April 3, 2016

Imposter #1 Review

Imposter #1 from 21 Pulp -

    Detective Hale Barker is having one hell of a day. He's been pinned down by gunfire, the target of rocket-fire, and the mark of every bad guy in the city. Just another day on the mean streets of Black City. But Barker's not alone, he's got the best kind of help. He's friends with the Centipede, one of Black City's premier masked vigilantes, so help is always on the way. Unfortunately, this night is about to turn into a nightmare that will launch Detective Barker down a path of no return, and give him knowledge of deep things that he'll wish that he'd never learned. It all begins with the death of the Centipede and the revelation of a secret about all of the planet's superheroes...A secret so dangerous that it not only endangers Black City, but the entire world! What can one man do? A lot...When he is legion!

    Writer James Patrick brings us this action-packed tale, of magic, mystery and masked vigilantes in this new, sleeper-hit from 21 Pulp. This book is jam-packed with great, new (but a bit familiar) characters, and lots of questions that are answered rather wonderfully in the last few pages of this high-octane book. At first the story seemed choppy, as the main story was interrupted by weird interludes into other, seemingly unconnected, stories; however, by the end, Patrick ties it all together masterfully in a few jaw-dropping moments that nearly took my breath away. Martin Szymanski's artwork is kinetic, sketchy, and moody - this guy does action right. Imposter is an extremely strong showing for a first issue from a publisher I've never even heard of. This comic has it all: superheroes, science-fiction, sorcery, action, drama - I enjoyed every page, and I cannot wait for more. 

RATING 10 out of 10. I'll have to keep an eye on 21 Pulp. 


  1. I too have never heard of them Tex!
    Sounds good.
    Nice review, Look forward to hearing how the second issue goes.

    1. Thanks, Gil.

      This comic has feel to it I really love. Imposter has a lot going on between the covers, and a lot of new, but familiar, characters that make the comic feel fresh, yet very much like home. I have to have issue #2.