Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Satan's hollow #1 (of 6) Zenescope 

Based on some urban legend in Ohio woods that a demon was summoned through human sacrifice some years ago in a old abandoned tunnel. Two young dudes with a Go-pro go in search of ghost & find a hell of alot more than just that...One is attacked by a a creature that is called shadow-man (no not the valiant one) & is well, We don't know yet.
A young couple whom have just moved into town have helped in the search for the 13 yr old dude who went missing. The Lady found the tunnel & was stopped abruptly by a local policeman saying 'nothing to see here' (but she could have sworn she heard someone Hmm!!!
Well this was a brilliant read, Hair raising stuff, I need more now!

Joe Brusha does a fantastic job with the writing & Allan Otero artwork is just perfect for the job (well done Allan). If your into the dark stuff I mean the dark stuff too!!! then this mini series is for you.
Can't wait for the next issue.
rating 10/10.
As the cover so says...For Mature readers.


  1. That sounds great!!

    I'm going to see if my lcs has one! Thanks for the review, Gil!