Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Hot Damn #1 (IDW)

This new title from IDW is...Hot stuff! Lots of life lessons can be learned from reading this.
We see Ted Graham in hell, After a hilarious group session (think AA meetings, Fight club) with a goat headed demon he tell us why he's there. Drugs, Heavy booze, Theft etc.

He has a mate who is a lower demon that's breaking all the rules, They both decided to take a astral trip to earth & posses a fat dude making him punch himself & spew uncontrollably.
After being caught out by both the demons & angels on watch (they all know each other & are friends) Ted is called into see the big man himself Satan whom says "we need to talk".

Great artwork by Val Ramon & written by Ryan Ferrier. Highly intelligent read, Lots going on the background, Look out for Hitler, Stalin & Mussolini. But this is still hell & one can't relax. You see the 3rd worst bar in hell & you don't want to order a drink (oh noooo!)
Recommended read for those who are able to get this stuff, NOT FOR KIDS.

Rating: 9/10

Best line: "This is horse s!#%. Why am i in hell? All i did was jerk it in a food court...couple of times. But didn't steal no damn cop car!"


  1. Replies
    1. Lol. That it is.
      Read at your own risk, Kind of like fun version of "A day in hell", But has that evil under tone.