Monday, April 4, 2016

Superman #50 Review

Superman #50 from DC Comics -

    Superman is up against the greatest threat that he, or the planet has ever faced: an all-powerful Vandal Savage. The comet that gave Savage his powers is within Savage's grasp, and if he gets control of it he will absolutely rule the entire world - a world in which strength will be the measuring stick for all things, a world win which the strong not only survive, but they will reign supreme. Savage offers Superman a pivotal role in his new world; Superman must join him or die, and watch the world and everything he loves destroyed. Even though Superman's powers have returned...Are they enough to stop a power-mad god?

   Superman #50 was penned by Gene Luen Yang, and it's really great. I stopped reading Superman in the early issues of this comic because Superman just didn't seem like Superman anymore. I turned to the Superman Earth One titles to get an updated version of the classic Superman I loved. This issue, Superman is fully Superman once more, a shining beacon of hope, a super-powered farm boy willing to sacrifice everything, and make those hard decisions to do the right thing. Although there were several artists, Howard Porter's art stands out, as do the colors of HI-FI - these guys made the Justice League 3000 books really pop, and their work in this book is no less amazing. Superman #50 is a comic for true fans of Superman. Even though the wrap-up in the final pages felt a bit rushed, I loved it.

RATING: 9.5 out of 10. Superman soars in this issue - in more ways than one.

TEX'S one problem: Vandal Savage is everywhere. But how can can we bring in Vandal Savage without even mentioning his greatest foe: Immortal Man?

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