Saturday, April 2, 2016

Legends of Tomorrow #1 Review

Legends of Tomorrow #1 from DC Comics -

    The Firestorm matrix is unstable. What will explode first: Firestorm, or the friendship between Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rausch? Corporate giant, Simon Stagg has soldier of fortune, Rex Mason, trapped in his high security lab. Why? Because on one of his missions, Mason found an orb so powerful and mysterious, it turned into Morgan into something more than human - and Stagg wants the power for himself. Sugar Plumm and Cecil "Spike" Wilson are childhood friends, now detectives, who specialize in metahuman problems. They have been hired to retrieve some important evidence, but will the growing space between them be the end of their relationship...And their lives? Doctor Will Magnus has created the greatest weapons mankind has ever seen - weapons with hearts: the Metal Men. They do battle with untouchable hacker, the Nameless, who will do anything to have them at his disposal...Even destroy their beloved city, Santa Verde, and anyone and everyone in it.

    Legends of Tomorrow #1 is a comic book for people who love good, old fashioned, superhero comic books. It's a huge anthology with four complete stories penned by writers like Gerry Conway, Keith Griffen, and Len Wein, with artwork by pencilers like Aaron Lopresti and Bilquis Everly. Only Metamorpho's story has enough backstory to put it in the "origin story" category; the others take off from where they are. Firestorm's story is heavy on the drama and light on action. Metamorpho's story is the same, but much more interesting. I was excited for Sugar and Spike, but I did not expect and unlikeable Sugar and a much put upon and under-appreciated Spike. However, the story itself was fun, with some chuckles sprinkled in. The Metal Men story was equal parts action, drama, humor and sci-fi - they were clearly the stars of this book, and their story, along with Everly's art, was the highlight. All in all, Legends of Tomorrow made a good showing for an anthology book - good with the potential to be great.

  But I'm partial to anthologies, anyway.

RATING: 8.5 out of 10. Legends of Tomorrow isn't legendary yet, but the potential is there. I'll hang on for a few issues and see where it goes.

Caveat: $7.99 per issue. Yikes.

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