Thursday, April 14, 2016

Heads Up Episode 1

Heads Up! My comic-book collecting friends.

Tex is used to me saying this over the years so it's about time i made public to all the other awesome people out there.

What's coming that one should now about...???

Tokyo Ghost #6 (due out on the 20th April) If your into universal goodness, Then get it.
Karnak #3 Oh! yeah
Shadow Glass #2 Nice.
Lucifer #5 Read at your own risk.

And the coup de gras... Elseworlds Batman TPB Vol. 1...With, Dark Allegiances, Holy Terror, Dark Joker & In Darkest Knight & Robin 3000. (i don't have half of these). I need to have this in my life, Well done DC...please give us more.

They are the picks to look out for...Please feel free to add what you think i missed.



  1. I got the Tokyo Ghost TPB,

    I will we finishing it soon. LOVE IT!

    I love DC's Elseworlds stories, even more so than Marvel's What If stories (which are awesome too). I kind of consider Frank Miller's GN Holy Terror to be an Elseworlds story too - it's basically a terrorist-bashing Batman, although Miller came off as bigoted in the story. I think he meant it to be a Batman story, but it went too off the rails to be a Batman story. His artwork on the book is sometimes as incoherent as the story. Maybe it was because he wrote it angrily after the September 11 attacks. I don't know. But the main character, The Fixer, is clearly meant to be Batman.

    1. I've never read Holy Terror, Sounds interesting indeed.

  2. I love the new Heads Up post!!

    1. Thank you Tex!. I like to let people know whats heading our way. I used to buy Previews back in the 90's. But after my hiatus i never went back to it. Just to expensive now.

      Early days yet, But i'll try to keep it flowing when i can.